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Making Managed Services affordable for small business.

We love small business.  And we are here to help.  Our costs are the LOWEST in the industry and reflects our goals of  helping every business enjoy the benefits of Managed Services that larger corporations have enjoyed for years.  Now, even the smallest businesses can afford these benefits.

Why IT Solutions of Fresno?  There are many reasons for a business to utilize the Managed Services offering of IT Solutions.  We realize that a well-oiled IT system  zips along without bottlenecks or problems and can greatly help a business compete in today’s economy.  Contributing to your bottom line is our highest goal.

Real Expertise  Since our inception in the Fresno area in 1992, we’ve concentrated on providing solutions to businesses.  Our expertise comes from real-world experience.  This experience allows us to provide fast, efficient solutions to our clients and keep their investment safe.  We help our clients navigate an IT path that avoids the pitfalls and traps so common in our industry.

Plain English  Communication is essential.  We can talk tech.  We can talk plain English.  If you are looking for explanations, we will make sure you understand.  If you want us to be quiet and do our job, we will.  Every client has different communication needs. Our understanding of those needs helps us stand apart from the competition.

Your company – Your way.  If you are a large company with your own IT department or a small company with only a couple of computers, IT Solutions can help.  The large company with a highly-technical staff will get the information they need on a 24/7 basis to keep their infrastructure running smoothly.  The small company without a technical staff will be able to concentrate on their business activities while we take care of their systems.  No longer are smaller businesses below the radar – we are here to help.

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