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IT Solutions – a natural extension of great IT services.

The IT Solutions story began in May, 1983, when owner, Dave Triffo founded the first dedicated PC repair corporation in the State of California – Microserve, Inc., located in Anaheim, CA.  Relocating to Fresno in 1990, Dave began Business Computers Plus, serving clients in Fresno/Clovis with Windows Server, Workstations, Networks, IT Consulting and excellent service and support.

As technology advanced, so did BCPlus.  The evolution to IT Solutions of Fresno brings years of expertise and the best solutions available to our clients.  Now, more than ever, the right solution provider can make all the difference in the success or failure of a business – IT Solutions of Fresno is the RIGHT solution provider.

IT Solutions of Fresno operates on the following three core philosophies:

  • Service should not be expensive – Our commitment is to our clients – to provide the best service and support at reasonable prices.  This is reflected in our pricing and structure of our Managed Service Solutions and IT Consulting services.  Many of these services are designed so that our clients pay only for the service they receive – thus saving them money.
  • The most advanced tools and techniques – Constantly updating the tools we use allows us to provide faster, more efficient services to our clients.  Our Managed Services Monitoring and Alerting tools give us instant visibility to issues in their networks and allows us to fix many problems before they even know they have them.   Our Remote Support Tool allows us to fix many problems immediately without having to visit their office.  Ensuring maximum uptime, reliability and profitability is the result enjoyed by our clients.
  • Our client’s success is our success – We believe that our success as a company hinges on the success of our clients.  Today more than ever, computers are a critical element of a company’s revenue generating tools.  The better they run, the better off a company is.  We are committed to being that Partner who helps our clients be successful.

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