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IT Solutions – a New Twist on Managed Services

What do all the Fresno Managed Service Providers (MSP’s) have in common?

The answer is simple – they’ve got great tools. Tools to monitor every aspect of your servers, workstations and network. Tools that report and predict any impending failures. Tools that trend raw data into a predictable pattern.

And what do they do with these tools? They keep them to themselves. They tell you to let them “manage” your IT investment. They tell you it will be “Worry-Free”. The tell you it will be “Proactive IT”. They tell you that a flat monthly fee (usually quite large) within a long-term contract will cover their efforts – and if you sign up with them – you won’t have to worry about your system running smoothly. And they are right.

Typical Fresno Managed Services – Good deal? Bad deal? You decide. 

Let’s start with why a provider becomes a MSP – the answer is – recurring revenue. From the beginning of the IT Service Industry, providers have been trying to figure out how to maintain a steady income. If one client’s computer broke down every month without fail, then the providers would have recurring revenue.

Let’s look at the inside workings of a typical, narrow-visioned Managed Service Provider with only a ONE-PLAN option. They sign up a new client. First, the new client must “baseline” his equipment – in other words, upgrade and fix his equipment to meet certain “guidelines” as defined by the provider. After that, the MSP will perform their duty of keeping things running smoothly. Did we mention that this “baselining” is at the clients expense? Take note – after the client’s equipment is upgraded and fixed, it is very easy to maintain.

IT Solutions – putting the power in the client’s hands. 

IT Solutions also has a great set of tools – tools that monitor, report, alert, trend data and everything that a good MSP should have. What’s the big difference?

With IT Solutions, a client has options.  First, clients only pay for our tool usage – at a cost that is a fraction of the others. They don’t have to “baseline” their equipment – although in some instances we will strongly recommend that they do.

Our client has options. We realize that some clients are very hands-on. And equipped with the right information, can be very effective in keeping their networks running smoothly.  If repairs are required, we can repair the issues at a discounted rate.  Or we can help our client do it themselves.

We realize that we work for you and need to operate under parameters that are unique to your business.

icon_64_white With our arsenal of IT Solutions, we can deliver exactly the kind of reliability and performance you need to get the most from your business technology investment.

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