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Superior Protection

Security in today’s online world is paramount to your business.  To combat threats, we believe it takes THREE major components:

  • Great AntiVirus protectection
  • Great Firewall to protect hacking
  • Sensible computer policies

We proudly partner with the award-winning Webroot Endpoint Protection, Watchguard firewalls, and  our years of policy experience to keep your users protected.

With AntiVirus and Security protection from IT Solutions, you can expect:

  • Downloading threats – prevent a user from downloading infected files
  • Inbox threats – keep users from opening infected emails in their inbox
  • Best Detection Rates – Webroot consistently detects more threats
  • Small Footprint – Managed Anti-Virus requires very little system resources
  • Hackers stay out – no longer can hackers come right into your network
  • Sensible computer policies – keeps employees from accidentally damaging your data
icon_64_white With IT Solutions Managed Anti-Virus, we deliver the kind of reliability and protection you need to be secure in your business desktop operations.

Don’t let Virus issues disrupt your business.  Contact us.